eKlinik Healthcare Cloud Worldwide
eKlinik Healthcare Cloud
eKlinik Connected Singularity
eKlinikHIS cloud hospital information system
eKlinikHIS First Cloud Hospital
eKlinik Your Blue Ocean Strategy
eKlinik Cloud Clinic Management System
eKlinik No More Information Silos
eKlinikMD Cloud Clinic Information System
eKlinik More Services More Patients More Revenue More Safety
IMEUSGIS Healthcare Group Information System
eKlinik Quality Management Statement; Right The First Time
eKlinik Testimonial by Dr Ambikai Balan Sothinathan, consultant urologist, MALAYSIA
eKlinik Disruptive IMEUS Cloud EcoSystem for you
eKlinik Disruptive IMEUS Cloud EcoSystem for you

  • eKlinikHIS+

    eKlinik Hospital Information System is supplied as Private Hosted or optionally Private Cloud configured; mobile wireless realtime access to information; telemedicine + health tourism.

  • eKlinikMD+

    eKlinik Clinic Information System is web based since 2006 as an evolved comprehensive solution for primary care + specialist clinics with connectivity to compliant hospital, lab + diagnostics.

  • eKlinikAC+

    eKlinik Aged Care System for geriatric + aged care agencies complete with term billing and patient telemedicine connectivity options to family members and/or guardians worldwide.

  • eKlinikDIS+

    eKlinik Dental Information System with mobile wireless device touch screen for patient notes management. Handwriting annotations for dental charts with auto appointment reminders.

  • eKlinikVET+

    eKlinik Veterinary Information System complete with patient boarding + grooming systems for a truly fully integrated system for the surgery. Owners wth multiple pets registry provided.

  • eKlinikGIS+

    eKlinik Group Information System is designed for group practice management of clinics, surgeries and hospitals as a single entity in realtime; purchasing, financial and patient management.

Self-Q connected queue management system for self queue
Self-Q Avoid Time Wasting Stressful Long Queue Waits
iPatient-Portal Internet Patient Portal for Concierge Patient Care
u2doc See Doctor Online TeleMedicine TeleHealth
PayorLink Employee Benefits by Doctors Clinics Hospitals
iMedicAlert Internet Medic ID for Emergency
iMedicAlert Hospital CEOs Need Safety Too. Avoiding Information Silos in the Hospital can help Save Lives, Reduce Cost and improve User Experience...
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