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Patient Portal

The Internet has made possible for the Health Consumer to increasingly take ownership and responsibility for personal and societal health of loved ones, community and nation as a whole. Emerging technologies in the form of Healthcare Cloud, Internet of Things, TeleHealth, Big Data and Health Gamification provide for new healthcare expressions. Patient Portal, Lifetime Health Plan and Personal Health Record inclusives within eKlinik are expected to engage lifetime health and wellness accountabilities by the Health Consumer.

Hospital Information System

Your doctors need complete medical records to make optimal expert clinical decisions which in most instances not possible with a traditional distributed and not integrated paper and film based system. Incomplete Medical Records can contribute to misdiagnosis, repeat tests and treatment delays which may result in dire consequences. eKlinik makes it easy for patients to record Personal Health Records from conception into retirement and for attending doctors to easily contact other doctors to consult and discuss your condition as appropriate worldwide

Referral Provider Services

eKlinik helps with both the immediate and long term view of a person's health by facilitating realtime information driven analytics to optimize care; acute and preventive using the latest technologies and clinical consensus considerations from environmental, occupational, historical and genetic health information extracted from detailed lifetime health records of the person. eKlinik runs on Internet connected computing devices; Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, SMART TV and phone. HIPAA referenced.



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